Colbún S.A. is a Chilean company dedicated to the generation and trade of electricity. Using a diverse field of natural energy resources, we produce the energy supply that the region needs. Our clients range from distributors to large manufacturing and mining companies.

Operating within Chile’s Central Interconnected Grid (SIC), we generate nearly 25% of the energy required by the people living from Taltal to Chiloé. Also operating withing Peru´s National Electric Interconnected System (SEIN) accounting for 9% of the peruvian market in terms of generation.

We are a leading company in the energy business. With 3.848 MW of installed capacity, we currently operate 16 hydroelectric power plants and 8 thermal plants, which can run on petroleum and/or natural gas and coal.

Our company was founded as Colbún-Machicura S.A. in 1986. Since then we have been constantly growing, reaching a current work force of nearly one thousand employees that work to produce electricity and provide energy for millions of people. Throughout our long history we have gained invaluable experience in the development of electric projects, which can be evidenced in our engineering, construction and operational activities. Our concern for the environment and contribution to the social development of the areas close to our power plants and other projects also demonstrates the responsibility and public commitment that Colbún has acquired over the years.

The region´s progress encourages our work, we want to contribute with the necessary infrastructure and energy management in order to achieve a sustainable development.