Colbún S.A. was established after the split of Endesa Chile (into Endesa Chile and Empresa Eléctrica Colbún Machicura) in 1986 when it was controlled by the state-owned company, CORFO (87.4% share). In 1997, CORFO ceased to control the company after selling 37.5% to “Cominco” – 41.5% (Matte Group) and to Suez-Tractebel -58.5%.

In 2005, Colbún merged with Hidroeléctrica Cenelca S.A. (Matte Group) whereby the Matte Group became the main Company’s stakeholder (49%), while Suez-Tractebel reduced its share (19%) to sell, a year later, a part of its share to the Angelini Group (10%).

As of December 2014, the ownership structure is: Matte Group (49%), Angelini Group (10%), Pension Funds (18%) and others (23%). The company has an installed capacity of 3.852 ME, 48% hydro and 52% thermo.

Company profile

We are a Chilean leading generation Company that provides reliable, competitive and sustainable energy.

We are the second largest Company in the Central Interconnected System (SIC) where we have around 20% market share (measured in installed capacity).

We develop projects and manage power infrastructure to generate long-term value.

We sell our energy through long-term power purchasing agreements to large distributors, mining and manufacturing companies since 1986.

We are a social player that generates sustainable and share value with all of its stakeholders.

Market Overview

Chile has four grids and Colbún operates in the largest, the Central Interconnected System (SIC). START






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