Corporate Governance

Company Information

Corporate Name: Colbún S.A.
Tax Payer ID (R.U.T.): 96.505.760-9
Type of Entity: Publicly Held Company
Inscription in the Registry of Securities: N° 0295
External Auditors Ernst & Young
Address: Av. Apoquindo 4775, Piso 11. Santiago, Chile.
Telephone: +56 2 2460 4000
Fax: +56 2 2460 4005

The constitution of Colbún S.A., originally founded as Empresa Eléctrica Colbún Machicura S.A., was publically written and signed on April 30,1986,bestowed by the Santiago Public Notary, Mario Baros González, whose extract was inscribed in the Registry of Commerce of Talca that same year, recorded on sheet 86 of the documents, published in the Diario Oficial Nº 32.484, May 31, 1986. Currently, after the change of address and corporate name, Colbún S.A. is inscribed in the Registry of Commerce of Santiago, evidence recorded on sheet 12.773 number 10.265, of the year 1999.

Social Statutes