Ownership & Control

The ownership structure of Colbún S.A. to December 31, 2019 is :


The control of the Company is performed in accordance with a control and joint venture agreement entered into by Forestal O’Higgins S.A. and other companies. It is hereby expressly established that the aforementioned joined control and operation agreement considers limitations to the free disposal of shares. The Parent is controlled by the members of the Larraín Matte, Matte Capdevila and Matte Izquierdo families, in the form and proportional interests indicated below.

• Patricia Matte Larraín, Taxpayer ID 4.333.299-6 (6.49%) and her children María Patricia Larraín Matte, Taxpayer ID 9.000.338-0 (2.56%); María Magdalena Larraín Matte, Taxpayer ID 6.376.977-0 (2.56%); Jorge Bernardo Larraín Matte, Taxpayer ID 7.025.583-9 (2.56%), and Jorge Gabriel Larraín Matte, Taxpayer ID 10.031.620-K (2.56%).
• Eliodoro Matte Larraín, Taxpayer 4.336.502-2 (7.21%) and his children Eliodoro Matte Capdevila, Taxpayer ID 13.921.597-4 (3.27%); Jorge Matte Capdevila, Taxpayer ID 14.169.037-K (3.27%), and María del Pilar Matte Capdevila, Taxpayer ID 15. 959.356-8 (3.27%).
• Bernardo Matte Larraín, Taxpayer ID 6.598.728-7 (7.79%) and his children Bernardo Matte Izquierdo, Taxpayer ID 15.637.711-2 (3.44%); Sofía Matte Izquierdo, Taxpayer ID 16.095.796-4 (3.44%), and Francisco Matte Izquierdo, Taxpayer ID 16.612.252-K (3.44%).

The ownership structure of Colbún S.A. to December 31, 2019 is:
Business name %
Minera Valparaíso S.A. 35,17
Forestal Cominco S.A. 14,00
Antarchile S.A. 9,58
AFP Habitat S.A. 5,77
AFP Provida S.A. 4,89
Banco Itaú por cuenta de inversionistas 4,29
AFP Capital S.A. 4,13
Banco Santander - JP Morgan 3,27
Banco de Chile por cuenta de terceros 3,11
AFP Cuprum 2,43
Otros accionistas 13,36
Total 100