2018 – Colbún won the category Female Presence in Directories in IMAD Ranking
2018 – Colbún became the first and only company in Chile to receive maximum distinction from the Chile Footprint program
2018 – Colbún is awarded for its participation in IX Environmental Innovation Recognition of the British Chilean Chamber of Commerce
2018 – Colbún receives Innovation Award for Reverse Osmosis Plant
2018 – Colbún recognized in Ranking Best Place to Innovate category Perception of InnovAction
2018 – Colbún leads ‘Reporta’ ranking Report
2018 Pro Aconcagua distinguishes Colbún for its contribution to the area
The Santiago Stock Exchange recognized Colbún for integrating IPSA and DJSI Chile 2018
2017 – University of Chile – Colbún was recognized by the University of Chile for its impact on the country’s energy and development sector
2017 – Huella Chile –  Colbún receives triple recognition for the management of its emissions
2017 – Web Awards – Colbún website received international recognition
2017 – British Chilean Chamber – Water Treatment Plant Colbún was awarded by Britcham as the best innovation
2017 – Estudio Marca Empleadora – Colbún awarded as Best Brand Employer of Professionals and Postgraduates
2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index – Colbún was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Emerging Markets
2017 Informe Reporta – Colbún obtains the first place in the “Relevance” category
2017 – Best place to innovate – Colbún was included in the Best Place to Innovate ranking
2017 – Empresa Socialmente Reponsable – Central Fenix was distinguished as a Socially Responsible Company
2017 – IHA – Central Angostura was chosen as a case study of Sustainable Hydroelectricity