Colbún’s Corporate Governance comprises the set of principles, standards and mechanisms aimed at creating sustainable value to its shareholders and stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Structure

The bodies responsible for enforcing the governance in Colbún are the Board of Directors, its advisory committees, Management and workers. Our shareholders and other stakeholders are impacted by the Company’s governance strategy.

Corporate Governance Strategy

Set of principles, values, policies and procedures that promote an adequate governance of the Company, its subsidiaries and operations in general.

Corporate Governance Framework

Internal regulations (policies and procedures) and external standards (regulations) that define how Colbún's corporate governance operates.


Directors’ Committee:

Body provided for in the Law of Open Stock Corporations composed of independent directors and intended to review certain matters, such as operations between related parties, and remuneration and compensation plans for executives.

Executives’ Committee:

Committee made up of the General Manager, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board to which other Board members and executives are invited to discuss issues relating to the progress or the development of the businesses to be later presented to the Board.

Audit Committee:

It oversees the activities undertaken by Internal Auditing, the operation of the Compliance Hotline and compliance with the Law on Criminal Responsibility of Legal Entities. It is integrated by three directors and the Internal Auditing Manager serves as the Committee Secretary.