Colbun has implemented this calculator especially for suppliers. We invite you to use it and thus; measure the carbon footprint of your company, at no cost. This will also allow you to know, manage and reduce your emissions.

Measure your carbon footprint

The footprint will be measured using the GHG PROTOCOL standard for emissions awareness and reduction objectives.

The information to enter in the measurement must correspond to the last calendar year. Example: if we are in 2023, you must load the data of 2022.

Establishing a standardized measurement, of easy to access and use, allows progress in initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint. It is essential that the same methodologies are applied in all cases. This standardization provides the industry with a valuable tool to propose and take concrete actions throughout the ecosystem to reduce its carbon footprint, proposing mitigation measures and working collaboratively on them.

Join us in this initiative for a better and sustainable world.
The data entered into the application is treated confidentially and in accordance with current data protection regulations.

Measure your carbon footprint

Compliance Hotline

It allows posting any direct and anonymous complaint relating to ethics conduct standards applicable in Colbún and the like. We guarantee an independent, confidential treatment of the information and no retaliation measures against the informant(s).
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