Good Colbún’s performance relies on the performance of our contractors and suppliers who are an extension of our operations.

Our Objective

Rol: Colbún’s success relies to a large extent on the performance of contractors and suppliers: they are an extension of our operations and play a fundamental role in ensuring, promoting and increasing the sustainability of the business.

Flexibility: current times are characterized by increased uncertainty and complexity, which demands greater flexibility, coordination and collaboration, encouraging contractors and suppliers to generate efficiency and quality gains.

Policies and Procedures: any supplier and/or contractor who wants to participate in our supply chain shall respect and meet our policies and procedures, including our Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Human Rights Policy, the Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental and Quality Policy.



Colbún employs more than 3,000 suppliers in Chile, and close to 500 in Peru.


Around 2/3 of the suppliers employed by Colbún are small and medium size companies (pymes), approximately 2,000.

ProPyme Stamp

Colbún obtained this stamp in 2011 which verifies the payment of suppliers’ invoices within 30 days.


We conduct an annual SSINDEX survey to suppliers in order to know their concerns and opinions.

Minimum Salary

The net taxable salary of permanent contractors cannot be lower than Ch$500,000.

Prompt Payment

The Company applies the 10-day prompt payment policy on every payment to our suppliers.

Compliance Hotline

It allows posting any direct and anonymous complaint relating to ethics conduct standards applicable in Colbún and the like. We guarantee an independent, confidential treatment of the information and no retaliation measures against the informant(s).
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