Promoting the creation of local value through the adoption of in situ biodiversity conservation measures, reclaiming natural areas of interest.

Biodiversity Projects

The objective of biodiversity management at Colbún are twofold; in the first place, there is the regulatory management under which mitigation, reclamation and compensation measures are implemented in relation to the projects undertaken by the company.

A second objective that goes above and beyond the regulatory requirements seeks to incorporate in our environmental management the recognition of biodiversity and natural habitats to achieve the environmental feasibility for our projects.

Two initiatives are worth mentioning in this regard: the Chapo Lake Conservation Area and the Bird Sighting Site at the Angostura Dam.

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430 protected hectares

Adjacent to the Alerce Andino National Park (Andean Larch)

Perpetual and irrevocable conservation agreement

The Chapo Lake is deemed to be part of Chile’s environmental patrimony and as such it is protected by the law (DRC)

In alliance with Fundación Tierra Austral

Our educational initiatives


Bird colonization at the Angostura Dam

More than 70 species have been identified

98% native species

Periodic monitoring

Sighting cameras