Colbún manages its business in a sustainable manner, which entails promoting direct, collaborative and empathetic relationships with its customers, workers, shareholders, communities and suppliers.

Sustainability management

The purpose of Colbún’s Sustainability Policy is to establish the management criteria to develop the business in a sustainable manner, creating long-term value for Colbún S.A., its shareholders and other Company stakeholders.

Sustainability is a cross-company value, and each area is responsible for managing the gaps detected within the organization.

Compliance with the Sustainability Policy and the risks involved are the subject of discussion and monthly analysis in the Risk and Sustainability Committee. The most relevant aspects identified during this process are presented by the General Manager in the monthly Board of Director meetings.


At Colbún we deem it is not possible to generate good results on the long-run if we do not manage our social and environmental performance with excellence.

We think that sustainability is not a part of the business, it is the business itself.

The Sustainability Turbine depicts our vision: growth and profitability are at the center of value creation; each blade represents a particular stakeholder and the value that the Company can create jointly with them.

The power that moves this turbine is excellence in people, socio-environmental and operational management